The fight to end parking minimums is happening all over the country from California to New Hampshire. Successful removals of these harmful laws give us hope that the movement is growing.

Earlier this month, we asked you to help us by sharing information about towns that had removed or lowered their parking minimums. From that crowdsourced data, we created this map. Click on each pin to read about what's going on in that particular city with regards to parking minimums:

  • Green pins = parking minimums completely eliminated in at least one area of the city
  • Blue pins = parking minimums lowered or removed for certain uses
  • Orange pins = currently discussing their parking minimum laws

Don't see your city on the map? Fill out this survey and we'll make sure to put it on there. A special thank you to everyone who helped us put together this map!

Join our Discussion Forum to get advice on how to end parking minimums in your town.

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