Holland, MI

  • Hope College (map)
  • 141 E 12th St
  • Holland, MI

Chuck Marohn will give a keynote address at "Localism and the Professions: A Front Porch Republic Conference."

This conference is exploring the professions and asking how a concern with place, limits, and liberty can color our approach. Speakers include Front Porch Republic regulars such as Bill Kauffman, Jason Peters, Susannah Black, and Patrick Deneen as well as Conor Dugan, Grace Potts, John Tamming, Mary Vander Goot, Chris Wiley, and others. We will hear from practitioners from a variety of professions including lawyers, ministers, teachers, and city planners. 

This day-long event will provide plenty of opportunities to interact with speakers and to meet others who are concerned with engaging their local communities in meaningful ways. 

Lunch included.

Information and Registration

(Top photo source: GD333)