Ask Strong Towns: June 2019

At Strong Towns, our mission is to spread our radically new approach to growth and development to as many people as possible. That's why we aren't available to consult with individuals or organizations—but that doesn't mean we can't help.  

That’s why every other month we host Ask Strong Towns to give you a chance to ask your burning questions about our vision for change, and how the Strong Towns approach might apply in your unique place—and give us a chance to share our answer with the world, so it might help other Strong Citizens.

Join Strong Towns President Chuck Marohn and Communications Manager Kea Wilson on Tuesday, June 18th at 12pm CST for the next edition of Ask Strong Towns.

This event is open only to the members of the Strong Towns movement.  Members, check your email for your invitation, or email member support for help.  

Non-members may pre-submit questions via the Ask Strong Towns page, though please be advised that member questions will take priority; join the movement now to attend live, or listen to the Strong Towns podcast, where we'll re-release the audio of Ask Strong Towns, to see if we answered your question.