Strong Towns on Slack

Slack is a real-time platform for us to share our passion for building Strong Towns.
It's filled with different discussion "channels" where readers, listeners and members share ideas and converse on Strong Towns-related topics.

Slack is accessed by invitation only, but we're happy to include you. Just answer a couple simple questions and we'll get you set up within a day or two.

If you're already signed up, access the Strong Towns Slack at

The conversation is ongoing on Slack, but our staff and contributors also host scheduled chats each week. Here's our next one:


After using Slack internally for our staff, then bringing our members into the conversation, we quickly realized how well it facilitated discussion on a wide range of topics. Slack is easy to use and adapts to our needs. New Strong Towns readers and listeners are joining our Slack every day.


Slack has a non-profit program that provides Strong Towns with their standard package for free. It's very generous of them. When we transitioned from our old discussion board, we not only improved our technology, but we're also saving some money in the process. :)


You should really be a member but, yes, most of what you're going to find on Slack is available to members and non-members alike. We do have a couple of channels that prioritize members but, like nearly everything we do, we don't force you to become a member to participate. We are very grateful to those in our audience who support the Strong Towns movement by becoming members.

What will I find on slack?

During a typical day on Slack, you might see job opportunities added to our #job-postings channel; lively conversation about everything from parking to affordable housing to big box stores; local discussions in regional or city-based channels; and people requesting and receiving advice about a myriad of questions.