On a daily basis, we hear about people killed in car crashes. The deaths of pedestrians and children are particularly troubling, and yet these "accidents" keep happening. The solutions typically employed by our cities and state departments of transportation include lowering speed limits, installing crosswalks and erecting barriers, but none of these actions are truly solving the problem.

The people who design our streets have been grossly negligent. We need a radical rethinking of the way we address pedestrian safety issues—one that will make streets safer for everyone and make our towns more economically productive in the process. 

    A Gross Negligence presentation shines a vital light on pedestrian safety issues and presents real, long-term solutions for our dangerously designed streets.

    Topics Covered in this Presentation:

    • The impact of dangerous design on pedestrians, particularly vulnerable populations like children and the elderly
    • The difference between a street and a road and why the confusion between these two types of design makes our cities unsafe
    • Why band-aid solutions like lowering speed limits and erecting barriers won't solve pedestrian safety problems
    • How simple design changes can make streets safer and more economically productive for everyone

    Presentation length: This presentation typically takes 90 minutes with 60 minutes for speaking and 30 minutes for Q&A. It can be condensed to a 60 minute presentation if needed.

    Please contact Strong Towns' Pathfinder, Michelle Erfurt, if you have any questions about this presentation or hosting a Strong Towns event.

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