In Local Economies We Trust (post-session update)

That was a great session and I thank everyone who attended. We got top billing here at Community Matters for the session and it packed the room, primarily thanks to the great panelists.

I promised our audience some additional information from our presenters.

Christian Gibbons - Economic Gardening

Christian (Twitter) sent me a link to a website that I found really helpful and he also sent me a pdf file that I've now shared through our site. Here are also a couple of short, but good, YouTube interviews with Christian that gives an overview of Economic Gardening.

Bruce Smith - Farm Table Coop

Bruce sent me some links that were helpful in understanding his work and contained information he used in his presentation today. You can check out the Farm to Table Coop, Western Trails Food, and Community GATE (Giving Assistance Towards Employment).

Here is also a video of Bruce from YouTube that captures a lot of the themes of his work.

I apologize that our third speaker was unable to attend. I was informed halfway through the presentation that he had the wrong time and would not be able to be there. 

Thanks again to everyone who attended and especially to our two speakers.

Christian Gibbons (left) and Bruce Smith (right) speaking at the Community Matters '10 conference.