Today we are announcing the next chapter in our efforts to grow the movement to build Strong Towns: the Strong Towns podcast.

Our development pattern - the way we build our towns and neighborhoods - is so ingrained into our collective psyche that, as we've written before, it almost like a religion. On the blog this week we have focused on the dead idea that we must perpetuate this pattern or face decline. We'll continue to shout it from the rooftops: It is the development pattern that is causing the decline. We need a Strong Towns approach; a different set of priorities and values for growth.

Strong Towns, the organization, is driven largely by the passion of three people. Over the past 18 months, Jon Commers, Ben Oleson and I have spent a good portion of our free time and resources growing these thoughts and ideas, using this blog and other social media to communicate with a growing number of supporters.

Despite being in different locations, we constantly communicate with each other. It was in the middle of one of those conversations - where we inevitably veer off into a discussion on current events and how they relate to the Strong Towns movement - that we got the idea to explore the podcast format.

After a couple of test runs and some technology tweaks (and, as you will hear, we're not totally foolproof yet), we're ready to release our first podcast. We are adding podcasting to the blog and our social media efforts as another way we can communicate the Strong Towns message. Our goal for the blog has always been three posts per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). For the podcast, we are going to target a weekly release.

For those of you that enjoy listening to podcasts, we've applied for iTunes syndication and hopefully you can follow us there very soon. For those of you not familiar with podcasting, it is a great medium. Why don't you give the Strong Towns Podcast a try?

And as always, we value your feedback.

The Strong Towns movement is about addressing the financial imbalances created by our development pattern. We support a model for growth that allows America's towns to become financially strong and self-sufficient. Please join us - and spread the word on the blog and the new podcast - so that together we can continue to grow support for building Strong Towns.