I had the opportunity to meet, co-present and then attend a session featuring Mike Lydon, one of the co-authors of the Smart Growth Manual (along with Andres Duany and Jeff Speck). He recommended two videos that I have been able to find and am going to share here.

The first is actually a two-video series that shows how a neighborhood group, using some traffic cones, a little paint and basically some cheap theatre props, transformed their harsh, car-dominated street into something quite pleasant, at least for a day.

Better Block Project, Part 1

Better Block Project, Parts 2 & 3

The second video is from Streetfilms and it details efforts in New York to institute congestion pricing. Given the economic slant of Strong Towns, I thought our readers in particular may appreciate this discussion.

I will continue blogging from CNU as live as my battery allows so continue to check back.

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