A handful of quick things here on our off day (our normal publishing days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

First, if you are interested in the stock market and picking/discussing stocks, and if you might be interested in participating in a Strong Towns project that will index new economy and old economy stock picks, send me an email. We're still in the planning phases for this, but we're hoping to develop something that will be fun, informative and revealing of the near-term incentives that drive our development pattern. Volunteers will help us test a platform that will allow people to compete (in a friendly way) against each other and against an index of "New Economy" and "Old Economy" stocks picked by the Strong Towns team. It will all be hypothetical and hopefully a lot of fun.

Next, don't forget the podcast today. Ben and I were able to chat for a while about Monday's column on police funding. The discussion provides some additional background and ideas, especially from Ben, that are worth listening to.

Finally, our count of Facebook friends is slowly creeping up to the 300 mark. While not exactly pop culture territory, for our informed and intelligent niche of people actually thinking about ways to make the world better, that's not bad. We've certainly discovered on the blog that the Internet provides a fairly aggressive growth curve in readership once things reach a critical mass. Facebook is a powerful collaborative tool for building and linking together a community of people that are passionate about a subject. If you are on Facebook but not already connected to us, please join up. If you are already connected to us, please take a minute to look through your list of friends and send an invite to those that may be interested in the Strong Towns movement. We thank you for all of your support.

News digest tomorrow...