A few quick things about next week's Community Matters '10 gathering in Denver....

First, for those of you that can't make it, I am going to try and live blog from the proceedings. Since I am involved in part of it, it won't all be in real time, and I've been at the Hyatt before and the internet connection there is tough, but I'll do my best to share the experience with STB.org readers. I'll also be on Twitter during the entire event and so you can follow things there is that is more your style.

Second, I've been asked to host a dinner Thursday night of the conference for an event being called "Dinner with the Doctor". He is how the organizers have billed it:

Do you have questions that only an expert can answer? Or inquires for fellow community leaders on how to invigorate change? Then partake in the “Dinner with the Doctor,” where a themed dinner group will head out to a local restaurant with an expert to engage in more in-depth conversation on a particular topic. This also provides an opportunity to continue the day’s discussions, or to connect with other attendees that have shared interests. Spend an evening out on the town in Denver and build meaningful relationships that will help you steer change at home.

This should be a fun time and so, if you are at the conference and free Thursday night, make plans to come and hang out with us and talk towns. If I have any say we'll wind up wind up at my favorite pizza joint where we can have a sweet pie along with a cool Mt. Dew. I can't remember the name, but I remember the location, so I'll make sure and share that recommendation next week at the conference.

(Also, as a side note, for those of you not familiar with Denver they have the best bookstore in the world right there in the downtown. It is called Tattered Cover. Books for me are like shoes to Ameldia Marcos and so I always wind up spending way more than I should there. Check it out - a real throwback.)

Third item, it looks like we might be getting together a small Strong Towns group on Wednesday for lunch or a coffee/pop. Send me an email or a tweet if you are interested in connecting, if only to say hi. We're a small, but growing, movement and it is really invigorating - especially for us - to physically meet with people that find the Strong Towns vision compelling.

Fourth and final item, the session on Thursday is looking like it will be really fantastic. The more I read about our panelists, the more excited I am to get their thoughts on the table. If you are in Denver next week, make sure and be there for the "In Local Economies We Trust" session Thursday AM.

Working on the podcast and getting ready for Brainerd - yes, that Brainerd - Curbside Chat tonight. News Digest tomorrow.