For those of you in the New York region, you can't miss the Tactical Urbanism Salon taking place Saturday in Long Island. The event is being organized by Mike Lydon of The Streets Plan Collaborative and Aurash Khawarzad of DoTank:Brooklyn along with Flux Factory and Tommorow Lab. Strong Towns is one of a number of supporters for this event, which aims to demonstrate how strategic, incremental actions we do today can be the catalyst for major change tomorrow.

The Tactical Urbanism Salon is an event presenting international tactical urbanism projects. Presentations at the salon will demonstrate how short term action can lead to long term change in our cities. Information will be shared about a range of urban interventions that apply creativity, sustainability, technology, and social good.

In conjunction with the salon, a public space intervention will be carried out in the streets of Long Island City, Queens.

The event kicks off at 2 PM with the formal portion ending around 10:30. It looks like the informal part may go on more than a little while. :)

These are some amazing groups of people with fantastic ideas for improving our world. I love the work they do and just hearing about it motivates me to no end.

If you can't be there, make sure and join them on Facebook as well as follow the event on Twitter at #TUsalon.