Announcing the Curbside Chat Companion Booklet

We are very proud to announce today the release of our second major publication, Curbside Chat; A candid talk about the future of America's cities, towns and neighborhoods.

You can download this report directly from our website or by going to

The report is a companion guide to our very popular Curbside Chat program. It covers the entire Curbside Chat presentation, including:Download the Curbside Chat Companion Booklet

  • Background on the current financial crisis, 
  • The Mechanisms of Growth used in the suburban era,
  • The Growth Ponzi Scheme,
  • Case studies on the financing of the suburban development pattern,
  • "Dead ideas" from the suburban era that we need to shed, and
  • Strategies for pursuing rational responses to our current economic challenges.

Like the Curbside Chat itself, the report is written and formatted in a way that is accessible for public officials and change advocates at the local level. We want this to be a tool for them so they can transform their communities into Strong Towns.

There are three things to consider doing if you would like to help us today. First, read the report yourself and become fully conversant in the language of a Strong Town. We can cross so many boundaries at the local level by talking about the finance of our places. Let us help you.

Second, please pass this report on. We've intentionally written it for a non-technical audience. If every elected and appointed official in our country read this booklet, our national dialogue would change overnight. Forward it to your public officials as well as your neighbors. Then, let us know that you did. 

Finally, if you have the means, please consider becoming a financial supporter of Strong Towns. We're leveraging scant resources today to produce high-quality content like this and that which appears regularly on our blog and in our podcast. Your support, at whatever level, will help us expand these efforts and bring a Strong Towns message to cities, towns and neighborhoods across the United States.

Thank you, everyone, and remember to keep doing what you can to build Strong Towns.

- Charles L. Marohn, Jr. PE AICP, Executive Director of Strong Towns


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