Today is Give to the Max Day, a day dedicated to supporting the efforts of non-profit organizations. As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, we're asking you to help us by making a tax-deductible donation to Strong Towns.

Your support, at whatever level, will help us to expand the reach of the Strong Towns message; a narrative on the future of America's cities, towns and neighborhoods that is having a profound impact everywhere it is heard.

This puts it all together. Like all the best things I have ever read, the Strong Towns message clarifies my own thinking. Thank you for that. This approach could solve most of our problems and set a course for the next century, carrying a message that can save America one town, city, and rural community at a time.

- Eric from Lexington, KY

In a very short period of time, and using very few resources, we've combined a powerful message on America's approach to development with a vast and growing communication network. Using only a fraction of the resources other long-established organizations draw from, we are making a difference where it counts: directly in our cities, towns and neighborhoods.

As a councilman in a small city (pop. 8000) your podcast and blog are invaluable jumping off points in exploring how to preserve the resilient, financially-responsible, family-friendly community we want to remain. Thank you for your ideas and passion!

- John from Sandpoint, ID

The need we have today at Strong Towns is simple. We have the organization. We have a powerful message. We have a broad and growing distribution network. We're inundated with demand from people that want to hear our message and use it to make positive change in their communities. The only thing we lack is financial support.

I was thrilled to find this website. I've only begun digging through the wealth of information that you offer, but already I feel that you guys are articulating transportation and growth problems of which I've long been aware but have lacked the tools to express. I want to learn more about your ideas. And I hope that you meet success and influence policy.

- Carl from Wayne, PA

We need your help to get the Strong Towns message and approach into the hands, minds and hearts of all of America's local officials.

Please do what you can -- Give to the Max -- to help us build Strong Towns.