A quick note on our Thursday off-day here at the Strong Towns Blog....

This blog is well-read in California. After our home state of Minnesota and the wonklands of Washington D.C., the Golden State generates our highest volume of traffic. We love you, California, especially in the depths of winter.

In the past week, we've received a couple of inquiries from places in California interested in hosting a Curbside Chat. We'd love to do this. Absolutely!

As a way to make the economics work and the make the trip worth everyone's effort, we're trying to connect a number of communities / organizations together so that we can reach multiple destinations across a few days. If your town or organization is located in California and may be interested in hosting a chat, please fill out the form below and we'll try and set something up. For trips outside on Minnesota, we try and recoup our travel expenses. By adding multiple chats to the itinerary, we're hoping to get the cost per stop as low as $250.

And if you are not from California, but are interested in hosting a chat nonetheless, sign up and we'll see what we can do. Next month we'll be in Pennsylvania and Maryland and potentially in Oklahoma/Texas in June. If you have a venue and a desire to start an informed discussion on change in your community, sign up we'll do what we can to make it happen.

Download the Curbside Chat promotional flyer.

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