Last week I was one of the keynote speakers (our friend Kaid Benfield was the other) at the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy's Vibrant Towns conference. We had a great conversation and I received a lot of positive feedback from people in attendance. Thank you to everyone that was there.

I recorded the audio of the presentation and am putting the finishing touches on it for this week's podcast. I've been switching computers over the past few weeks and unfortunately left some of the audio files I need on my other laptop, so the podcast will not be uploaded until later Thursday morning. Check back shortly if you would like to hear the audio of that presentation.

UPDATE: The podcast is now available for download.

In the meantime, ESLC had a video recorder on much of the conference and has been uploading videos this week. You can check that out on their YouTube page. If they post Kaid's presentation or mine, I'll make sure and embed that here for everyone.

News Digest under development....