Maryland Speaking Engagement

We are getting close to the date and so I wanted to post a quick reminder to all of our readers living in the Maryland area....

I have been invited to keynote, along with our friend Kaid Benfield, the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy's 12th annual planning conference on March 18 in Easton, MD.

I've checked out the agenda and this looks like a really great gathering of people. For my part, I'm working on a new presentation detailing three specific strategies/concepts to help local leaders implement a Strong Towns vision in a challenging economic environment. I promise to give you something to think about along with something to take home and get started with. Combined with Kaid, it is definitely worth the cost of admission.

I am not sure where they are at in terms of numbers, but I checked and registration is still open. If you are in Maryland, D.C. or the general vicinity and want to spend a productive and thoughtful day with some like-minded people, register for this conference

Let me know if I'll see you there.


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