I had originally planned to catch up on some mailbag items today (my apologies to all of you that have emailed me and received only silence in return thus far), but time and commitments have gotten away from me. I started the day yesterday in Baudette, MN, where I participated in a Curbside Chat Monday night. What a fantastic experience - Baudette is a great place and a wonderful host.

I ended the day back home north of Brainerd, but only after driving south for a township meeting on road standards (itself worth a couple blog posts). That's over 400 miles in my Honda Fit, which has me a little in need of rest.

So instead of a normal Wednesday post, I want to pass along some things relating to our Monday post on children and auto safety.

  • Second, our Monday posts are picked up by the New Urban News site. Head over there and check out the comments - good stuff.
  • Third, the discussion board at the Kunstler Cast has also brought up the topic. I love those guys over there - if anyone has an in with Jim, let him know I am still waiting for his reply to my offer of Facebook friendship.
  • Finally, a couple of my NextGen pals mined this video nugget out of the recommended reading from the post and passed it around on Twitter (thak you Eliza and Edward). Yeah - it's probably worth a post of its own too, so check it out.

And it reminds me, we have an entire YouTube channel where we've cataloged quite a few videos that add to the discussion here. If you are an audio/visual person, check it out. Then come back here tomorrow check out our next podcast, which is officially under production.