Today has been really crazy. After a late night full of intense discussion and debate, I had an early breakfast, a session and then I was a judge at the annual AuthentiCITY competition. For some reason the wifi here at the convention center has stopped working with all of my devices (three problems makes me think it is not me) and so I've been using my phone wifi. Now that I am able to sit and blog, the phone is nearly dead.

For that reason, I'm going to go back to the Twitter feed and then tweet updates at the hashtag #CNU20. I'm in a session on small towns and small businesses. James Kunstler is speaking at this one (yes, I'm recording). After this is the final plenary and then (a nap?) the closing party. 

What an amazing gathering. You can follow what is remaining here.

Thanks everyone who has been with us here during CNU 20.