Today I wanted to take a brief moment of your time to announce our new TV Channel, The SID part of that stands for "See it Differently" and that is exactly what we are hoping to do: help people to see the world around them differently.

I've found that many of us are so used to the landscape around us that we are almost numb to it. The strip malls, parking lots, abandoned buildings, plastic facades.... we just accept them as the way things are and, in our national version of Stockholm syndrome, identify with a lot of it. Even when things don't feel quite right, we often lack the context to explain why (I know I struggled with that for years).

With we are trying to open up our collective eyes to actually see and understand the world around us. We want to help you see things through a set of Strong Towns eyes. It might be painful -- ignorance is bliss, after all -- but we hope in the end that it is empowering and allows you to communicate the complex message of financial resiliency more clearly in your community.

These video are available on our YouTube Channel, along with other videos we stumbled across and want to share with you.

Another feature of is that we are soliciting your videos as well. If you have something that you are seeing differently in your community, please share it. Send us your YouTube link at (Sorry, but due to time constraints we don't have the ability to accept raw video or video in other formats.) To have the best chance of being broadcast on, keep your video to less than four minutes (two is optimal).

I want to thank Steve Mouzon and his for being the original inspiration for this effort and Jen Krouse at Steepletown Studios for being my sounding board for numerous ideas and failed attempts.