Back from a pair of Curbside Chats and other conversations in Fargo. Not a lot of time to write today so I thought I would pass along a few current videos that I've come across and found interesting.

MarketPlace shares a video explaining the Federal Reserve's "Operation Twist". Does anyone really believe that this is a worthy approach?

A speech from Nouriel Roubini that lays out two likely alternatives for the Euro Zone. Notice the outcome he doesn't mention: continuing to put off a reckoning by gimmicks and balance sheet transfers.

Niall Fergussen appears on CNN. I really like Fergussen, highly recommend his book The Ascent of Money as a brilliant history of finance. It is a little annoying that this is set up as a debate because I'd rather just hear Fergussen give his opinion without the back and forth.

Chris Martenson is interviewed on current economic events, including the European crisis and Operation Twist. You'll notice that Martenson refers to the work by Reinert and Rogoff as Fergussen did. If you haven't read This time is different, you really need to. It might be the most important book of our time. The anchor in this video is a little annoying -- especially all of the intro stuff, which I encourage you to skip -- but she lets Martenson just talk and his insights are great.

Mark Blyth, who I actually wish was being interviewed as opposed to the other way around, sits down with Simon Tilford to talk about the Euro Zone. I don't know Tilford but I found his insights to be logical and realistic.

Finally, here is Ken Rogoff on the PBS Newshour. He shares the stage but the entire conversation is a good examination of the Euro Zone crisis through the prism of American finance.