For those of you that read the blog on Monday (I love a parade) or listened to the podcast yesterday (Podcast Short: Parades) already know that my hometown parade was moved to the neighboring big box epicenter. We chose to partake in a parade in a neighboring town instead, but we did make it to the fireworks that evening. Unfortunately, the fireworks were upstaged by nature.

About the time we rolled in to watch the show, the clouds started rolling in too. They were the real dark, ominous type with this leading edge of lightening. As they overtook us, we found ourselves surrounded by cloud-to-cloud lightening just when the fireworks started. What a fantastic show!

That's about the time the tornado alarm went off. The people around us jumped in their cars and took off. It wasn't raining or even windy yet, and the fireworks were still going off, so my wife and I took our two girls and retreated to the office (we were parked right outside). Good thing because the storm came on with a vengeance.

With the tornado warning and all the accompanying nasty weather, we hunkered down here in the office for about an hour. Even though the fire works were over, the lighting continued the entire time. I didn't hear of any injuries or serious damage, so I'm going to go ahead and be grateful that this one year when our celebration was transplanted to inhospitable turf, we still managed to enjoy ourselves and have a memorable time.


The local newspaper released a photo of the fireworks. You can see the lightening and hear the sirens going off in the background. Real end-of-the-world kind of feeling.

They also ran this video of the parade I did not attend. The photographer is standing on the abandoned golf course facing the back of the Mills Fleet Farm.


It's 3:30 AM and I've been working all evening on getting a number of things wrapped up. I'm afraid I'm not going to be able to give you a full news digest this week before I need to head out to other commitments. I did want to share one quick thing with you, though.

Last week I blogged and podcasted about a project in Pennsylvania. We heard from quite a few Pennsylvania residents and received a number of Curbside Chat requests. I'd love to come to Pennsylvania and we all feel here like it would be a good match for us. We've started a fundraiser to offset our expenses and make it all possible. If you are in Pennsylvania, know of someone who is or if you would just like to help us make it possible, please consider supporting the effort.

Finally, I've shared some Improv Anywhere videos here before. This one showed up somewhere this week and I want to share it here with you because it is one of my favorites.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy your weekend.