I'm not sure if this is going to be a new regular feature on the blog or not, but for now I wanted to share with you some of the conversations going on at the Strong Towns Network.

I am often approached by people who ask me about blogging; how to get started, how to approach writing, how to build a readership. My response is always the same: write. If I add anything to that, it is: read. And if I would add a third thing it would be: talk to people. 

Essentially, we have all three things going on at the Network, which is probably why I'm so passionate about the site. If you want to dabble in writing, please use the Network as a place to experiment. If you just want to read, well, there is a ton of intelligent stuff to go through there. If you want to talk with people, chime in. Don't be shy.

There is also supplemental material from the blog that I've been adding -- some less constructed thoughts than normally appear here.

I love what is going on at the Strong Towns Network and want to share it with you. There's no cost to join, so if you are interested in what we're doing, head on over and join us.