We need your help. This week Chuck Marohn and I are on the road in Mississippi doing a series of Curbside Chats. This follows recent trips to Washington State, British Columbia, New Jersey, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wyoming, all places where the Strong Towns message resonated powerfully. We're leaving it all out here, working hard to grow this movement and change the dangerous course our cities are on. And we desperately need your help.


This is our annual fundraising week and I'm asking you to go to become a member of Strong Towns. Maybe you read our blog, listen to our podcast, watch our videos or attend the Curbside Chats we put on. Maybe you read our reports -- like the newly released Neighborhoods First -- and use them to inform your own approach. Maybe you are part of the Strong Towns Network and use that site to share ideas with others about building a strong town. Or maybe you just value the fact that there is an organization out there connecting our quality of life with the financial health of our cities.

Whatever the reason, we need you here with us. Please consider becoming a member today.