Vacation apology

Hey friends. All the best intentions tonight but, after a brutally grueling week, am going to  crash. In just a few hours I'll be getting up to head out of town with the family for a week leaving Justin behind to care for the house and the pack of dogs. So grateful for good friends.

That especially includes all of my old friends I saw Thursday night at the MN ULI event. What an amazing crowd.

And if you just can't get enough, ULI sent me some follow up questions which, since I didn't have time to type out answers to, I just turned into a podcast. Check it out.

Next week we plan to have some guest posts for you (fingers crossed) and then I'll be back the week after relaxed and energized. I have a history of being really productive and doing some of my best work right after vacation....or perhaps that is what I tell myself to justify taking time off for vacation. We shall see.

Keep working to make yours a strong town.