Last week the Strong Towns Network got hit with a little spam. No fear -- they didn't spam any members and only managed to sneak a couple of frivolous spam messages onto the site -- but we spent a few days last week fending off attacks as they came in.

In response, we have accelerated our plan to put in a donation paywall for the site. If you've not logged on before, or if it has been a while, you'll be asked to consider giving a donation to support the ongoing expenses of the Network. If you're not in a position to make a donation, simply select $0 and you'll get right in. We don't want this to damage the participation in the site -- which has been fantastic -- but need to find a way to cover our expenses to keep it viable (you know, the whole Strong Towns philosophy thing that brings us all here).

Here's a sample of some of the recent conversations going on at the Strong Towns Network:

  • And, in a little bit of a blog extra, I share a video and talk a little bit about the expert problem that is harming our cities.

The Strong Towns Network is a social space for those working to make theirs a strong town. We invite anyone who is passionate about these issues to join us.