If you are here in Salt Lake City today, we're going to be doing a podcast or two in the main conference hotel. We'll be set up in the hallway where the registration desk is, at the far end near the bathrooms. Stop by and say hi. 

All I have to say about last night's NextGen Debate: Amazing! Like I promised yesterday, that was a crazy fun time. Thank you to our judges and participants for making it all possible, as well as Justin Burslie, Dan Bartman and Matt Steele for helping to run it. Crazy fun.

The only negative feedback I heard I received separately from three different people. They were all upset that they were not going to be allowed the opportunity to get on stage and make their argument. One even told me he didn't get the signup request but that he be allowed to speak anyway (it was a NextGen event -- there was no signup request). Only at CNU would people wander into a random event and expect s speaking slot. It's part of the charm of being here.

With all of the setup and takedown, I didn't get a chance to add much in the way of content yesterday evening, but I got good audio from the entire debate, did some additional audio around the Congress yesterday and I know that Nate Hood was out shooting SID.tv video of Salt Lake City, so there is sure to be some stuff forthcoming.

Here's the day's feed from our team.