Last week I had the opportunity to be on The Daily Circuit with Tom Weber on Minnesota Public Radio. The topic was a new ebook by Jennifer Vogel titled Fighting for an American Countryside. I vaguely remember being interviewed for the book and was pleasantly surprised with how well it turned out. Not that I would have expected differently, but I had actually forgotten it completely. What a treat!

Even better, the book is free. I got it on Kindle and really enjoyed it, but it is available in many different formats that include in depth resources like audio and video.

There were two video clips from my interview. I look a little silly because when they put the clip mic on they pulled out my collar and nobody bothered to fix it, but if you are not my wife and can therefore get beyond my general dorkiness, what I had to share was not bad.

Jennifer was on the air with Tom Weber and myself. We were also joined by Arne Kildegaard of the University of MN, Morris. You can listen to that audio on the MPR website.