I want to apologize to everyone for the lack of content here over the past couple of weeks and simultaneously thank all of you for the many well wishes. I’m doing fine and by that I mean I truly am healing well. My ribs feel much better – no more throbbing pain and the sharp pains dull more each day – and everything else is now only a minor nuisance. Totally manageable.

(I realize some of you may not have gotten the memo. Hiking with family, slip on rocks, tumble, etc...)

I realized these past couple of weeks how much my productivity relies on my capacity to work late into the evening after everyone in my family heads to bed. I’ve always been a night owl (and have gradually become slightly more of a morning person since the kids were born). The vast majority of blog content you have read here was produced between the hours of 10 PM and 2 AM. That was essential in the early days when Strong Towns was not my day job, but is still important as (my boss) Jim and the gang are keeping me pretty busy during normal business hours.

Well, when one’s body is healing (and when taking pain medication), one gets really tired and is not able to stay up very late. And when one does, the mind is not nearly as sharp as is necessary. Anyway, I’m down to a couple Advil a day and believe (cross my fingers) that next week is going to be back to normal.

And I really need it to. In addition to the podcast interview with Steve Mouzon that we released today, I’ve got a podcast with Leigh Gallagher (author of End of the Suburbs) in the cutting room and two other very special podcast guests I’m interviewing Monday. I also have three SID.tv videos I shot with Joe Minicozzi, about fifteen blog topics I have on the backlog list, a HUGE Friday News Digest to prepare and, the biggest news of all, a MAJOR report we are going to be releasing in the coming days. Buckle up.

And while doing this I’ll of course be hanging out on the Strong Towns Network and – in October -- visiting Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Wyoming, Missouri, Florida, Washington, British Columbia and New Jersey for speaking engagements, along with a Curbside Chat here in Minnesota.

And if that wasn’t enough, (my boss) Jim is going to have an important announcement in the first part of October, something critical to the organization of Strong Towns that we have all been working on for some time.

So, not a great time to fall and break some bones, but it is all going to work out okay. Have a great weekend. See you back here next week.