Welcome back everyone. Here in Minneapolis, it is a balmy -14 F this morning (-24 up in Brainerd), so a slow start to the new year here at Strong Towns as we have to keep stoking the fire to stay warm.

Chuck's first post of the year will be on Monday, January 6 in his usual slot. I'll be posting my first Wednesday column and some end of the year organizational updates over the next few days. If we can thaw out the recording equipment (forecasts have it going another 10 degrees colder early next week), Chuck and I hope to do a podcast together to kickoff the 2014 audio installments.

2013 ended on a fantastic note as we recieved some funding for really important projects, had an excellent sprint to the finish in our membership drive and solidified speaking engagements well into the spring. We'll get the details out on all of that over the first half of January so stay tuned for those announcements.

Those of you who are Members of Strong Towns will be the first to hear all about it. If you are not a member yet, now is a excellent time to join - sign up at membership.strongtowns.orgWe are extending our special Founder's Circle designation for two more weeks, so join at the Advocate Level or higher by January 18 and you too can join that hallowed club.

Stay warm!