Member Event: Small Group Discussion

An event for our Enthusiasts and Sponsor members....

Small Group Discussion (Open Source)

Friday, February 21 at 11AM (CST)

90-minute Google Hangout

A small group discussion (open source) with Chuck Marohn.

  • Do you have a question you want to ask?
  • Do you have a project you would like feedback on?
  • Do you want some input on an issue you've been working on?

We have set up a 90 minute Google Hangout for up to six people to meet and have a discussion on whatever topic you bring to the table. 

To take part, you must:

  • Be a member of Strong Towns at the Advocate, Enthusiast or Sponsor level.
  • Identify the topic or question you want to discuss.
  • Be one of the first six people to sign up to participate.

Depending on the open source topics suggested, we may ask one of our Strong Towns Fellows or other experts to join the conversation.

Strong Towns has created the Enthusiast and Sponsor levels as a way for us to focus part of our efforts in direct support of those who are working to build a strong town. If you are interested in becoming a member of Strong Towns, visit