Wanted to update everyone real quickly on the work we did this past weekend on the member site. If you are a Strong Towns member, you should have received a notice on this earlier this week. 

Andrew Burleson and Jim Kumon came up to Brainerd and we spent the weekend creating a new member website for Strong Towns. We felt good enough about our work that we launched it Monday.


Not only does it have a lot of the features that we promised our members (stuff I will highlight in the coming weeks), but it gives us a solid platform for the next phase of the Strong Towns movement (more action). Login and check it out. As we add more stuff, we'll keep you informed.

And if you aren't a member yet, you really should be. Our membership provides the base of our organization. It gives us the resources to be bold with our actions and it provides a way for us to prioritize and focus our efforts. We do a lot to provide our members value. This site is another step in that commitment.

Thanks everyone. Friday News Digest is in production....