So excited to be kicking off the Memphis Boot Camp today with Mayor A C Wharton Jr. I've had a chance to chat with the mayor and have been really inspired by his leadership. He didn't disappoint today.

Annexation is not where the action is.  

-Mayor Wharton

Memphis has long covered up its long term financial problems with the short term fix of annexation. Not any more. Mayor Wharton started the Boot Camp by letting people know that "annexation is not where the action is." That's a HUGE step in the right direction. By focusing in instead of out, Memphis is now going to be playing to its strengths.

The downtown and core neighborhoods of Memphis are really the low hanging fruit in terms of high returning investments, places where we can spend three and four figures instead in seven and get even higher returns doing so.

And just as important, these are places where we can improve the city's financial health while simultaneously improving the quality of life for the people that live there. With incremental neighborhood investments, we make people's lives better and do it in a way that will benefit everyone.