Are you an independent business in Minnesota?

On May 9, Executive Director Jim Kumon will speak on a panel at the national conference for the American Independent Business Association being held in downtown Minneapolis. If you are a Minnesota based follower or member of Strong Towns, you can register and attend one day or half day sessions of the conference that might fit your schedule. Or attend the whole conference at a discounted affiliate rate.

Check out your options at:


About the Conference:

The American Independent Business Alliance hosts the biennial Go Local Grow Local conference in Minneapolis May 8-11. It’s the conference for independent business, localization advocates and economic development professionals to come together and build on the many successful initiatives to help independent businesses and communities thrive. 

Learn what's been tried, what works, and what doesn't among dozens of programs, from “buy local” campaigns to local business investment funds to local policy initiatives. You'll gain concrete ideas to head home ready to get started or improve your impact and increase your organizational capacity. 

For more information on the conference See: See Facebook event page. #GoLocal2014