One of my favorite podcasts is EconTalk hosted by Russ Roberts of Stanford University. It is also the favorite of a decent percentage of our audience, many of who lobbied to have me on the show. Well, today is our lucky day.

Click here to listen to Chuck Marohn on EconTalk.

Whether or not you enjoy this episode, I encourage you to become a regular listener of EconTalk. Economists look at the world differently than most people, and they approach problems with a different set of questions than we typically find in our discourse. I’m not suggesting we all think and act like economists, but understanding the approach will make you a more effective advocate for building strong cities, towns and neighborhoods.

And beyond that, Russ Roberts is a good guy whose interviews are always fair, respectful and probing. When I listen to EconTalk, I often find myself questioning an answer given by a guest and then, more often than not, Russ asks that exact question. He often has guests that I know he doesn’t agree with, but he always gives their opinion a thorough, and fair, examination. Even when he agrees with the guest, he always asks the tough question. EconTalk is well worth your time once a week.

Thank you to everyone who pushed to make this happen. I really enjoyed it and hope that we can do it again sometime soon. I haven’t listened yet so I’ll be doing that today along with you.

And for all of you who are EconTalk listeners and are now being introduced to Strong Towns: welcome. We publish new content on our blog, podcast and video channel pretty much every weekday. You can look around at our past work to get caught up or just start hanging out with us. Either is okay. We have a lively conversation going on here and our approach to issues of growth and development, cities and government, is one you aren’t going to run into anywhere else.