We sold stability and we bought growth. What we need to do now is do exactly the reverse. We need to sell growth and buy stability back.
— Tomas Sedlacek

Last week, the McAlvany Weekly Commentary featured economist Tomas Sedlacek. I've never heard him -- or any economist like him -- before. Mind = blown.

He has a book titled Economics of Good and Evil: The quest for Economic Meaning from Gilgamesh to Wall Street, which was a bestseller in his native Czechoslovakia.  I'm reading it right now. 

If you'd like a short teaser, here's a TED talk Sedlacek did back in 2012. One choice quote:

It is not the lack of growth that is causing all these troubles. It's too much growth that caused the trouble.

Why? Because we always wanted to grow a little more than the economy would. This is what created the debt and that is what is running our system down. 

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(Top image by Perper tui)

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