Local Conversations

Connect with Strong Towns members around the world.

Strong Towns started a movement for change, but it’s people like you who are having the important conversations.

On this page you'll find all the communities where our readers and members have come together to discuss ways to make the Strong Towns approach to development real in their unique place—and information on how we can help you start your own local conversation. 

Find a Local Strong Towns Conversation

Start a Local Conversation

First, pick a platform for your conversation. Here are some options we recommend (or you are free to use your own).


Slack is an easy-to-use discussion platform. We host our own Slack and invite you to create a "channel" within that to discuss issues with fellow strong citizens.


Facebook Groups are a simple way to connect with fellow strong citizens for private, in-depth conversations, as well as to plan in-person gatherings and actions. Here's how to start one.


Google Groups are an email-based forum for discussing issues with fellow strong citizens. Here's how to create your own. 

Meetup.com is a great place to find other strong citizens in your area and arrange in-person gatherings. Here's how to list your first event. 

Next, let us know about it. We'll put you on the map and pass it on to others. Just fill out the form below.

Finally, check out our Meet-Up Guide for tips, ideas and advice on starting and managing your own local Strong Towns conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Strong Towns found or maintain these local groups? Are these your official “chapters”?

No. The groups and conversations on our map are completely initiated and managed by people who want to talk Strong Towns in their community. The Strong Towns organization is making this page available as a way to help people connect, but we're too busy sharing our message with as many people as we can reach to provide direct support for individual groups. If you'd like to learn more about our organization, you can read our 2017 Annual Report, or read this piece on why we don't have local chapters. 

If there's already a group in my town, can I start another one?

Sure, but we'd recommend you connect with members of the existing group first to see whether working together might be possible. There's strength in numbers!

My book club/city council/chamber of commerce/other group I belong to really likes Strong Towns, and sometimes we talk about you guys, but not always. Can we be on the map?

No. Groups on this map are primarily defined by and focused on their shared passion for the Strong Towns movement. We’re grateful for your interest, though, and if you'd like to share about how Strong Towns has inspired your group, we'd love to hear about it. (And if you're a business, non-profit, government body or other formal organization, check out our sponsorship opportunities.)

I'm not ready to start a group in my city, but I’d love to join one if someone else does. How can I receive notifications about new groups in my area?

 Join our email list and we'll make sure to update you as soon as a group forms.

My question isn't answered here.

Please contact team@strongtowns.org with any further questions.