Building a movement of a million people who care


The mission of Strong Towns is to support a model of development that allows America's cities, towns and neighborhoods to become financially strong and resilient.

For the United States to be a prosperous country, it must have strong cities, towns and neighborhoods. Enduring prosperity for our communities cannot be artificially created from the outside but must be built from within, incrementally over time.


Strong Towns Principles

As advocates for a strong America, we know the following to be true:

  • Strong cities, towns and neighborhoods cannot happen without strong citizens (people who care).

  • Local government is a platform for strong citizens to collaboratively build a prosperous place.

  • Financial solvency is a prerequisite for long term prosperity.

  • Land is the base resource from which community prosperity is built and sustained. It must not be squandered.

  • A transportation system is a means of creating prosperity in a community, not an end unto itself.

  • Job creation and economic growth are the results of a healthy local economy, not substitutes for one.

A Strong Towns Approach

There are no universal answers to the complex problems America’s cities, towns and neighborhoods face. At Strong Towns, we seek to discover rational ways to respond to these challenges. A Strong Towns approach:

  • Relies on small, incremental investments (little bets) instead of large, transformative projects,

  • Emphasizes resiliency of result over efficiency of execution,

  • Is designed to adapt to feedback,

  • Is inspired by bottom-up action (chaotic but smart) and not top-down systems (orderly but dumb),

  • Seeks to conduct as much of life as possible at a personal scale, and

  • Is obsessive about accounting for its revenues, expenses, assets and long term liabilities (do the math).