Strong Towns: The Book

Announcing the first book by Strong Towns President Charles L. Marohn, Jr.

Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity

Strong Towns is a book of forward-thinking ideas that breaks with modern wisdom to present a new vision of urban development in the United States. Presenting the foundational ideas of the Strong Towns movement he co-founded, Charles Marohn explains why cities of all sizes continue to struggle to meet their basic needs, and reveals the new paradigm that can solve this longstanding problem.

Sometimes, in our depleted and cynical times, one hears ‘Well then, what is your genius plan? ‘ Here it is, finally, with extraordinary force and clarity: a genius plan.
— ANDRES DUANY, author of Suburban Nation and founder of the Congress for the New Urbanism

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A must-read for mayors, city builders, urbanists, and all of us who want to live in and create stronger, more vibrant, and inclusive places.
— RICHARD FLORIDA, author of The Rise of the Creative Class, The Great Reset, and The New Urban Crisis
Charles Marohn brings the same incisive creativity to Strong Towns that citizens and city leaders alike must bring to their communities.
— JANETTE SADIK-KHAN, Bloomberg Associates, former NYC Transportation Commissioner, author of Street Fight

"Charles's genuine passion, his spot-on observations, and clear insights make the case as to why we need a bottom-up revolution to rebuild American prosperity that will compel us to rethink how to make places more livable, sustainable, and prosperous."
—MITCHELL J. SILVER, past president of the American Planning Association

"Somewhere between Small is Beautiful and Cities and The Wealth of Nations can be found the gem of Strong Towns, our current moment's most cogent, practical, and necessary response to the problem of urban economics."
—JEFF SPECK, author of Walkable City and Walkable City Rules

"A cogent call to rethink our faith in and commitment to unbridled and sprawling growth as the solution to challenges faced by our nation's cities and towns."
—PATRICE FREY, President and CEO of the National Main Street Center

Preorder today and email proof of purchase to to get exclusive, behind-the-scenes material from the author, including:

  • A “lost chapter,” featuring never-bef0re-seen insights on how the Strong Towns approach can impact your town’s economic development—and what that has to do with a humble donut shop.

  • A sneak peek of the book that takes you inside Strong Towns: A Bottom Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity, featuring chapter-by-chapter commentary and quotes from the text.

  • A companion reading list, featuring insights and commentary from Charles L. Marohn, Jr. (to be delivered upon publication of the book).

  • An exclusive invitation to a digital book club where you can talk through the Strong Towns book with Strong Citizens from around the world.

  • …And more surprises to be announced.

The Strong America Tour

To celebrate the release of Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity, Charles L. Marohn Jr. is embarking on a national tour to select communities across North America throughout the fall of 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 3.00.49 PM.png

Towns selected for the Strong America Tour will:

  • Be the first to experience the brand new Strong America presentation, delivered live by Strong Towns President Charles L. Marohn. All presentations are followed by a book signing.

  • Receive a limited number of complimentary copies of Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity for members of the hosting organization.

  • Have their community featured in the forthcoming Strong America e-book, which will document the Strong America tour (to be released after the tour’s conclusion).

  • Be the first receive the Strong America e-book.

  • Have their community featured in other Strong Towns content and on Strong Towns social media feeds, which reach an an international audience of millions of readers annually.

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