Strong Towns Walking Tours

Bring the Strong Towns message right into your neighborhood

Strong Towns walking tours are a way for event attendees to see the bridge between topics shared in our presentations in their local context. Attendees will learn Strong Town principles as they apply to their immediate area. Participants discover how to view their neighborhood through the Strong Towns perspective while identifying current challenges and discussing possible solutions to their built environment.

Watch some examples of Strong Towns Walking Tours below.

(Also check out this bus tour example for a conversation that covered a larger neighborhood.)

Walking tours should be paired with one of Strong Towns' core presentations (typically the Curbside Chat) to get the full educational experience.

Timing: Walking tours typically take 60-90 minutes each, depending on how many locations you want to cover. Many communities choose to host several walking tours throughout their town over the course of a day, each lasting 30-60 minutes.

Please contact Strong Towns' Pathfinder, Michelle Erfurt, if you have any questions about this presentation or hosting a Strong Towns event.

(Top photo source: Re-Form Shreveport)