On this off-day for the Strong Towns blog (we make it our goal to publish fresh content Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays), I wanted to pass along a brilliant article written by Bruce Katz and Robert Puentes of the Brookings Institute. The piece, titled "Rethinking the way on infrastructure", is practically a manifesto on the Strong Towns approach. We highly recommend you take a couple minutes and read this piece over.

And to ensure our investments are opportunity-rich they can no longer subsidize the excessive decentralization of people and jobs.  Sprawl has a sticker shock. Household spending on transportation has risen across the board and is now the second largest expense for most American households, eating up 19 cents out of every dollar. Utilities such as electricity and natural gas consume 7 percent but are a disproportionately larger burden for low-income families.

So at the precise time that the nation desperately needs to prioritize its limited resources, the federal response has been mostly to keep throwing money at the problem, without any meaningful attempt to update our policies to the realities of today.


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