This past week I had the pleasure of helping tear out, replace and add on to our porch and deck. I have to say, as someone who spends significant time enforcing zoning regulations, it never hurts to have the tables turned and switch from regulator to regulated. Obtaining the necessary permits, coordinating the delivery of materials, getting footings poured in time, etc... As one of my colleagues (who I had to obtain a permit from) said - we should all be required to do a construction project once a year - just to help us see the whole permitting process from another perspective.

Enjoy a sampling of this week's news.

  • Here's an interesting form of taxpayer subsidy...Small town can't afford to survive, so it dissolves itself. County takes over provision of services funded by the rest of the county residents. Victim of a bad economy or pushing your costs on the next level of government? You decide.
  • These types of stories always leave me a little amazed. And a bit uneasy. Does it really matter if we have the money to buy things as long as we're all doing it? And feel good about it?
  • I don't think we need to say much about this one.
  • This will create quite the dilemma for animal-rights activists who also happen to be environmentalists.
  • We've talked before about the long term problems created when government spending only leads to the need for more government spending. Here is yet another example. I'm sure there are a good number of cities that really just need some short term assistance. But do we really think there will be an effort to distinguish between the "good bets" and the "bad bets" if these types of bills pass? Be prepared to spend more money, fellow taxpayer.
  • A 3,000+ sq ft boathouse? Really? And 5 hours of discussion? Local zoning at its best.
  • I have always felt that every zoning meeting should start and end with song. Forget Kumbaya. Go for folk music. I'll definitely rush the stage...who's with me?
  • This is what happens when the "regular" guy goes on vacation. Enjoy the rest of your time away Chuck. Everything is just fine.
  • And finally, just for fun, a glimpse into how desperate things just might get...

Treasury Department Issues Emergency Recall Of All US Dollars