I just finished reading a book by Nicole Gelinas called After the Fall: Saving Capitalism from Wall Street and Washington. After I referred to a Gelinas column on this site, a financial-insider emailed me and said she was a "right-wing radical" and that I had discredited myself for using her as a source. This intrigued me because I thought her column was dead on. So, much like teenagers in my youth bought millions of CD's from an obscure band named Two Live Crew after Tipper Gore singled them out as being particularly nasty, I bought and read the Gelinas book as part of my inner-rebellion.

I owe our readers a review of this book (I actually owe you reviews of about a half dozen books I have recently read). It was well written and insightful. She is definitely not a "right-wing radical", unless you consider policies like restoring Depression-era financial regulations limiting over-leverage by financial firms, restoring the uptick rule to limit excessive short selling, eliminating legal fraud like "high-frequency trading" and increasing transparency within the financial system to be radical.

I suppose if you are a financial insider, you may find it radical.

It is this frame of mind I was in - a frustration at the collusion of power, the entitlement mentality of many who provide no real value to society and the hypocrisy of the elite - when I saw this Daily Show video. Thank goodness for freedom of speech. 

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