A special shout out to start to our Strong Towns friends in Bismark. I'm feeling your pain.

Tuesday night we had a Curbside Chat in Battle Lake, MN. At just an hour and a half away, it was relatively close for a chat. While it rained hard the entire day here in Minnesota, it started to snow as I pulled into town. By the time I got out of the chat (which was great, by the way), my car was covered with snow, as were all the roads.

Three hours later and I'm home. I've been in a lot of bad snowstorms, but this was probably the worst I've tried to drive through. And even when I got home, there was a tree down across my driveway. Ugh! We live in the thick woods and you can still hear the wind howling above the treetops and the house getting hit intermittently with clumps of wet snow. This has the potential to take down a lot of trees and power lines.

I love winter, especially the first snow, but this is a tad early. We didn't even have a chance to do our annual friendly wager here at home over when the first snow that sticks will land (good, clean Minnesota fun). This one might melt, but I would not be surprised if the season just changed.

All this is my way of saying that the blog piece I worked out in my head and was going to finish off tonight for our regular Wednesday piece will be delayed due to weather. So might school tomorrow, in which case we'll have some fun on Chloe's first snow day.

Take care, everyone, and be safe.