We're back with a new podcast this week, this one about the insights of financial analyst Meredith Whitney. She has gained a tremendous amount of clout by being right about a number of things in recent years, going against the conventional wisdom each time in doing so. In the podcast we look at her insights on municipal debt and her prediction of a pending collapse in municipal bonds.

For this off-day posting (we typically publish Monday, Wednesday and Friday), I wanted to release some of my information sources for the podcast as well as some background reading as it will certainly be of interest to STB readers.

First, the segment on 60 Minutes from December 2010 that featured Whitney and her analysis. If you watch nothing else, watch this piece. It is the best overview of what is going on.

The next video is a CNBC interview with Whitney.

And the last video is a slightly different Whitney take from earlier last year on Bloomberg.

And some reading for those that want even more:


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