Beatles Brain

There are some days that a brain just feels like mush. This is one of those for me. I realized pretty quickly when I started writing that it was going to be counterproductive to fight the background noise in my brain, so I just decided to go with the noise.

This past Monday I was in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, for a Curbside Chat. My friend Joel Peck, former Brainerd resident, former city administrator of a local town and now St. Croix Falls city administrator, invited me over to see his new city to share the Chat presentation with them. While we were looking at maps and touring the town, I realized that the North/South streets were all named after founding fathers (Adams, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, etc...) and the East/West streets were all named after states (Alabama, Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc...).

This reminded me of my secret ambition to create a city where I could name all of the streets after the Beatles (or simply rename the streets in an existing city). It actually started with a thought when I was a kid that it would be really cool to live at the corner of Twist St. and Shout Ave.

Since it was a three hour ride home from St. Croix Falls and I had finished my last audio book for the month already, I had a lot of time to ponder anew this old idea of mine. Here's a list of potential names for any city out there looking to rebrand itself.

A. Abbey Road (alt. All Things Must Pass)

B. Blue Jay Way

C. Carry that Weight

D. Drive My Car Drive (alt. Don't Pass Me By Pass)

E. Eleanor Rigby Road

F. Fixing a Hole Drive

G. Get Back Trail (alt. George Gap)

H. Help! Street (alt. Here, There and Everywhere)

I. I'll be on my Way (alt. I'm Down, Town)

J. Junk Street

L. Lovely Rita Lane (alt. Let it Be Lane)

M. Magical Mystery Tour

N. Nowhere Man Trail

O. One After 909 Drive

P. Penny Lane

R. Revolution Road (alt. Ringo Road)

S. Slow Down Street (alt. Something Street)

T. The Long and Winding Road

W. Why don't we do it in the Road (alt. When I Get Home Street)

Y. Yesterday Lane


If anyone out there has any suggestions or their own ambition for a street naming system, we'd all love to hear it. All Together Now.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Be safe and enjoy yourselves.