Tactical Urbanism: Chairbombing

An example of Tactical Urbanism (see yesterday's post) provided by Ryan Humphrey. From Ryan via Facebook:

So we had a better block on Saturday and I knew I wanted there to be something permanent after it was over (most of the plants etc. are "staged"). I walked over to our local food co-op after reading through this manual about a week ago, grabbed a couple of pallets, and made a pallet love seat. Chairbombed yesterday. Dropped off the completed seat in front of the laundromat where there was no place for anyone to wait while their clothes were washing. A friend and I are going to make more chairs and probably some tables to place around town at important intersections and bus stops.

Well, here is that chair:


Awesome application of Tactical Urbanism, Ryan. Absolutely perfect. You are our hero of the day.

I'd like to start an entire thread here for applied Tactical Urbanism. Go out and make a positive change in your neighborhood and then email us your story and photos. Or drop it on our Facebook site. We have a ton we can learn from each other here - thank you to Ryan Humphrey for leading the way.

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