People often ask me if I ever get writer's block and how I come up with so many things to write about. Trust me - I'm never short of material. What I do suffer from is a shortage of time to write.

Most of my writing takes place between 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM, when my family is asleep and I have a nice, quiet house. Unfortunately, after a very busy weekend, I'm having a tough time keeping my eyes open tonight and so am going to beg off for a day. I'm hoping the extra work from last week wins me a reprive from our loyal readers.

If you did not get a chance, please take some time and read the five-day series we ran last week on the Growth Ponzi Scheme. We did this by request, but also because it is going to be part of a booklet we are putting together to accompany our Curbside Chat. To that end, I welcome -- in fact request -- your tough questions and critical feedback. This needs to speak to a broad audience, one somewhat predisposed to not want to hear this line of discussion, and so any help you can give me improving our approach would be most appreciated. 


The Growth Ponzi Scheme