On our off day here we wanted to pass along an announcement for our Minnesota-based readers. Envision Minnesota (formerly 1000 Friends of Minnesota) has invited Strong Towns to kick off a four-part discussion they are calling "Beyond the Great Reset: An open discussion series on planning in the New Normal." We're going to be presenting our Curbside Chat program.

The event is Wednesday, July 20 and details are below. You need to register ahead of time, but there is no cost to attend. If you are down in the Metro next week, this will be a really great forum to attend a Chat and hold a discussion with some very intelligent and connected people (and we're not talking about ourselves -- this should be a well-attended event).

Hope to see you there.


Beginning in July Envision Minnesota will host a four-part monthly series to explore past approaches, new constraints and emerging opportunities for communities as they plan for their future. Each session will present new information that builds upon previous discussions.

The discussions will kick off on Wednesday July 20 from 4:00-6:00pm with a Curbside Chat, compliments of Strong Towns.org, focused on building fiscal resiliency into local development models.  There is no cost to attend but registration is required.

The series will also include leading voices from ULI/Regional Council of Mayors and others, in addition to a full screening of The New Metropolis documentary. Participants will also have a chance to reflect on their own situation, share their experience and develop new approaches for their work back home.

All events will be held at: Wood Lake Nature Center (conveniently located near 35W and MetTransit Routes 515, 558, and 4)

Visit Envision MN.org to learn more or to register!  Please feel free to forward this invitation to others that may be interested in attending.