I apologize to Monday readers that check in here early in the morning for a little bit of Strong Towns thinking. Last week I was fortunate enough to spend time on Minnesota's North Shore, which I can't recommend enough as a vacation destination. We made it all the way up to Grand Portage. Beautiful country.

I usually start working on an idea for Monday sometime around Thursday or Friday, work it over in my mind for a few days and then write it up Sunday night. Well, Thursday through Sunday I was mostly immersed in the natural -- not the human -- environment and, without the distraction, I allowed my mind to get into a couple of good books and just plain enjoyed myself. 

I'm back in the real world today and that tormenting internal radar system I have that sees the world through a Strong Towns prism is back to operating. I'm not happy about that -- it is like near-constantly having fingernails on the chalkboard (for those of you that remember chalkboards). Anyway, I'll have you something tomorrow.

In the meantime, just an FYI, I'm going to be on the air this Wednesday at 8:00 AM CST with my friend Scott Hall at KAXE talking about infrastructure, budgets and all things Strong Towns. The show will be an entire hour, which streams live or can be downloaded through their archive at www.KAXE.org.