I didn't bring this video up yesterday, but wanted to add it to the mix for fun today. There is a point where every ideaology, every dogma, breaks down into ridiculousness. This is one of those moments with Keynesianism.


Cap'n Transit has a piece today following up with this ongoing discussion. Maybe we should have him on a future podcast? I think that would be fun.

Also, I've been told that I made my point in yesterday's comments section but to let it go now. That is good advice. I actually try not to comment on my own writing because I don't want to stifle conversation by either inadvertently shutting someone down that may disagree and/or forcing my point down people's throats by reiterating it over and over. I've made my case, then we benefit from what everyone adds to it. That has been a great recipe.

That having been said, the button that is easiest to press on me is the one that rejects the pseudo-informed blathering of talking points from the distant reaches of idealogical dogma. I'm actually offended by it and feel like I need to stick up for our readers when they are subjected to it. We're probably all better off if I resist that urge and just let you all take care of things. You're doing a fine job as it is.

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